What we do in the shadows

Hi there! Long time since my last blog update.

I’d rather be asleep, but I think I should note this before I sleep it away. Today I’ve gone to the cinema and see What We Do in the Shadows.

I have to say I come to consider it a really well filmed and scripted film among the vampire world. Sincerely.

Although the comedy itself is not that particularly brilliant (for my taste, a friend of mine couldn’t stop laughing anyway), I have to say that the vampirism/lycanthropism folklore has been kept almost intact and quite in sync with pieces I find very canonical, such as Vampire: The Masquerade (the role playing game books).

The only exception to what I consider canonical is the fact that inside the film the vampires can be photographed with cell phones. However, I think that is absolutely coherent with the sprit of the film, and I think it’s awesome they realized that too.

If you think that should not happen, then consider this:

How do you film a vampire film (where the vampires are actually shown) in a world where you cannot record vampires?

Besides, as the film itself is written with the cameramen being part of the story being told, so are the cameras. Therefore, in order to manufacture such a film, this license is absolutely compulsory. I did not realize that before going to the cinema, but I think it is impossible to be more coherent.

I hope I’ll be updating this blog a bit more often from now on ;)

Till then, cheers!

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