Akademy 2015 to be held in A Coruña

Hi, fellows! I’m proud to say that this year GPUL is honoured to host the Akademy 2015 with the Faculty of Computer Science in A Coruña as our venue.

So, if you’ll be in A Coruña, I’ll be delighted to see you in the venue and maybe buying us a T-shirt!

The entrance is free, but you should register at https://conf.kde.org so that you are granted a badge to enter during the weekend.

This year I’m commited to handling volunteers, so you will most probably see me a lot in the InfoDesk that we’ll set up in the ground floor, where all our team magic happens :P

It’s been difficult at times, and arguing with people over the IRC on whether things are OK or not are not always ideal, but I must say about KDE that they’re highly organized, and that they have lots of tools already set up to aid us in mundane stuff, such as an etherpad instance (which we use internally for storing todo lists and agendas), a kanboard instance which holds our sort of “master” todo-list, and of course, the prevalent wikis and mailing lists.

We were hoping to take the fosdem-volunteers app and give it a shot for volunteer handling, but that’s not happening for this edition (ooooh), we’ll have to do with the wiki and the IRC.

There are ideas on creating a Telegram group, although I still find the IRC a bit more amenable. Shouldn’t I?

I hope we have interesting things to tell once this is over ;)

Cheers, Santiago.

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