About me

My name is Santiago Saavedra (aka ssaavedra in GitHub, mapcar in Gitlab and ssice in Twitter). I'm a Computer Scientist graduated from University of A Coruña.

I'm currently working now on a project in the NGI-LEDGER Programme, to try to add more privacy to the handling our own personal data. I can probably squeeze some short gigs or talks on privacy+tech, if you came to this webpage thinking on that. Please send me and email, and we'll work it out!

In my previous life, I was a consultant at OpenShine, S.L.. I designed a the data pipeline of a video delivery project, and later helped architect the packaging and deployment of a 5G Packet Core solution. Technologies were mostly in the playground of Kubernetes, Spark, Scala, Kafka, ELK and the such. I usually do things from Scala and Python 3, but I also fancy Go and Haskell. Hopefully, most of the technologies I worked with were open source, although only a few projects were open sourced from this adventure (python-esqb, escova, kafka-streams-scala).

I was previously (2016) a Research Assistant at GPD - Complutense University of Madrid for a project called CAVI-ART, where I worked on a validation assistant for formally proving programs.

I've also been President of the Group of Linux Users and Programmers (GPUL) for four years, a non-profit based in A Coruña where we try to educate and promote free software and free culture initiatives. One of our successful projects is GPUL Labs, a space to foster collective imagination and incubate free software projects.

I have a passion for computer science, technology, instrumental music and information.

My favourite text editor since 2012 is GNU Emacs.

Previously my friends had blogs, but they either no longer keep them updated or had their domains expire, so I'm no longer listing them here. But I'm following them on Twitter and you probably should too.

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