New Board at GPUL

Hi, today I’m honoured to let you all know that I have just been democraticlly elected President of GPUL.

GPUL is a Non-Profit Universitary Association located in the Faculty of Computer Science in A Coruña, where I currently study.

Starting now (or whenever we actually get to sign all the paperwork) the Board of GPUL is consisting on the following members:

  1. President: Santiago Saavedra
  2. Vicepresident: Brais Arias
  3. Tresaurer: Mónica Perez
  4. Secretary: Marcos Chavarría
  5. Vocal (aux. secretary): Pablo Castro
  6. Vocal #2: José Millán
  7. Francisco J. Tsao Santín (former president)

Besides, we’ll be gathering to the Board the following non-voting members:

  • Emilio Padrón (who’s also the sysadmin)
  • Chema Casanova
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