It’s been an intense journey in this edition. Last edition didn’t generate a blogpost from me, I was too busy doing class stuff, and I when I managed it it was already too late.

So, this year I’m committed to doing it.

FOSDEM is a MASSIVE event.

ULB is a large venue, but its classrooms are not as big (well, there are auditoriums, but there are not many).

Anyway, in more than 500 speeches total, it’s impossible to go to all of them.

On the first day I went to the H.1302 talks in the morning, and to the Mozilla (UD2.218A) devroom after lunch. Then to Janson (Who ate my battery?) and then to the last talk in the Configuration Management track, about NixOS, which I think is a great project idea, although it’s quite messy to rewrite all paths to all dependencies in the tree. (Info at

On the second day I met some guys working at CouchDB, RCouch and the maintainer of couchdb-python, who was very friendly to me.

That was all informal and was possible thanks to Twitter :)

Anyway, that was after I was kicked from the JavaScript room when it went full while I went for a Kinder Bueno (I hadn’t had breakfast that morning before).

And after all of that I managed to get inside the Python room (which was very crowded all the time) (guys, next time make a bit more room for Python and Javascript).

Later I went to some other talks (Valgrind and GDB, etc.) and in the night, all GPUL members (and some others invited) had dinner together in a Belgian Restaurant. Quite expensive (IMHO) but the food was fine and I managed to meet Sebastian Dröge (thanks to Xavier R. Calvar), who actually did something related to my Master’s Thesis for his, and we talked a bit about it.

The next day FOSDEM was over, Sebastian was on his way by train and we used the day to take a ride around the city.

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